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Re: TR4 OEM fuel pump

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Subject: Re: TR4 OEM fuel pump
From: "Don Sforza" <>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 16:29:33 -0500charset="us-ascii"
Art, the original TR4 fuel pump can be rebuilt "On the Car"... if you're
agile enough. The kit is a couple of bucks, and takes about 20 minutes
(including the 15 minutes to find the parts you dropped in the grass).

See if you can find an old Chevy fuel pump with the bowl... they're EXACTLY
the same. But, the cork gasket between the bowl and the pump body is not
available, anywhere, at any price (as far as I know).

Good luck. Oh, A fuel pump kit is one of the spares I carry, along with
points, coil, etc. And the AC kit will fit both a TR6 and a TR4 OEM pump.


"And to think, it all started with a tractor!"
Don Sforza                   KA1WV
1963 TR4        Connecticut Triumph Register             CT16707L

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From: ArthurK101 <>
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Date: December 8, 1997 3:35 PM
Subject: TR4 OEM fuel pump

>I have an old original fuel pump which I just bought.  It needs a complete
>overhaul. Several questions for the list.
>1)  I know TRF can rebuild the fuel pump for 78 bucks.  Does anyone know of
>any other rebuilders?
>1)  Since it does not have the fuel bowl - can I use the bowl off the AC
>which is on the car? OR does anyone have an original type fuel bowl for
>trade etc.? (The car is not presently in the same location as the OEM pump
>so I can't match them to check the fit.)  TRF says they do not have fuel
>and their guy didn't know if the repro bowl would fit.
>3)  Any other ideas?  Yeah, I know - do it myself -but it really is pretty
>cruddy. Would the rebuild kit for the OEM pump be complete enough to
rebuild a
>sealed old pump which appears to be intact. Would I need to replace things
>which are not included in the usual rebuild kit?
>Thanks in advance for all assistance.  Cheers.
>Art Kelly '64 TR4 CT33118L

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