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Re: TR4 OEM fuel pump

To: Don Sforza <>
Subject: Re: TR4 OEM fuel pump
From: Lenny Seidman <>
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 17:00:50 -0500
Cc: ArthurK101 <>, triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Organization: de-zin
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Any instructions on how to rebuild the fuel pump on the car?

Lenny Seidman

Don Sforza wrote:
> Art, the original TR4 fuel pump can be rebuilt "On the Car"... if you're
> agile enough. The kit is a couple of bucks, and takes about 20 minutes
> (including the 15 minutes to find the parts you dropped in the grass).
> See if you can find an old Chevy fuel pump with the bowl... they're EXACTLY
> the same. But, the cork gasket between the bowl and the pump body is not
> available, anywhere, at any price (as far as I know).
> Good luck. Oh, A fuel pump kit is one of the spares I carry, along with
> points, coil, etc. And the AC kit will fit both a TR6 and a TR4 OEM pump.
> Don
> "And to think, it all started with a tractor!"
> Don Sforza                   KA1WV
> 1963 TR4        Connecticut Triumph Register             CT16707L
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> From: ArthurK101 <>
> To: <>
> Date: December 8, 1997 3:35 PM
> Subject: TR4 OEM fuel pump
> >I have an old original fuel pump which I just bought.  It needs a complete
> >overhaul. Several questions for the list.
> >
> >1)  I know TRF can rebuild the fuel pump for 78 bucks.  Does anyone know of
> >any other rebuilders?
> >
> >1)  Since it does not have the fuel bowl - can I use the bowl off the AC
> repro
> >which is on the car? OR does anyone have an original type fuel bowl for
> sale
> >trade etc.? (The car is not presently in the same location as the OEM pump
> I
> >so I can't match them to check the fit.)  TRF says they do not have fuel
> bowls
> >and their guy didn't know if the repro bowl would fit.
> >
> >3)  Any other ideas?  Yeah, I know - do it myself -but it really is pretty
> >cruddy. Would the rebuild kit for the OEM pump be complete enough to
> rebuild a
> >sealed old pump which appears to be intact. Would I need to replace things
> >which are not included in the usual rebuild kit?
> >
> >Thanks in advance for all assistance.  Cheers.
> >
> >Art Kelly '64 TR4 CT33118L
> >

Lenny Seidman
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, USA  

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