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RE: Heat inside TR6

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Subject: RE: Heat inside TR6
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This thread brings back (un)fond memories of my first TR-6.  It had a small
engine fire which required the fire department to extinguish.  Something
about a catastrophic failure of the fuel pump and gasoline spraying all over
the hot engine.  But everyone, including me, forgot about the cardboard
tranny hump and while it was being towed into the shop there were enough hot
spots left that the hump caught fire and the rest of the car burned down
while on the back of the tow truck sitting on the edge of the freeway.  Ah,
the old days.

Jim Altman Illigitimi non Carborundum    69-TR6#CC28754L  W4UCK

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> I have noticed lately that my new TR6 becomes very hot down near my feet.
>  Whenever I drive the car for a while, and the engine heats up, it seems
>  release hot air directly towards my gas pedal.  I have the heater turned
>  off and the vent turned off (pushed in).  I was wondering if this is
>  normal and is just caused from the hot engine, or is their probably
>  something wrong with my heater.


On my own TR6, I've found that if the heater control valve is not closed ALL
the way, I get the same problem.  If the valve is the least bit open my left
foot cooks!  If the control cable is not adjusted just right, the valve will
not close completely unless you go under the hood a turn it that last little
bit by hand.

Dan Masters,
Alcoa, TN

'71 TR6---------3000mile/year driver, fully restored
'71 TR6---------undergoing full restoration and Ford 5.0 V8 insertion - see:
'74 MGBGT---3000mile/year driver, original condition - slated for a V8 soon
'68 MGBGT---organ donor for the '74

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