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Re: Heat inside TR6

To: Robert Laing <>
Subject: Re: Heat inside TR6
Date: Mon, 04 May 1998 18:28:37 -0400
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
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Robert Laing wrote:
> I have noticed lately that my new TR6 becomes very hot down near my feet.
> Whenever I drive the car for a while, and the engine heats up, it seems to
> release hot air directly towards my gas pedal.  I have the heater turned
> off and the vent turned off (pushed in).  I was wondering if this is
> normal and is just caused from the hot engine, or is their probably
> something wrong with my heater.  Thanks for any advice!!
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> Robert Laing
> 1976 TR6
> CF54962U
> 63,700 miles
> Vancouver B.C.  Canada

Speaking of cabin heat in general, one can greatly reduce said heat with
that mylar-backed bubble insulation available at your larger local
hardware venue. (About $20 for a very large roll; normally a home
application.)  I installed it in the underside of my replacement tunnel,
but I didn't get great results until I also put it on top of the tunnel
and underneath the carpeting.  It's true -- it makes a helluva
difference, particularly for GT6'ers, who typically fry.  And it takes
all of about 20 minutes to install -- you don't even need to unbolt the
center dash support ...

Martin Secrest
73 (cool) GT6
74 Spitfire

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