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Re: tr6 ripoff!!! help

To:, triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: tr6 ripoff!!! help
From: John Duhart <>
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 08:13:48 -0400
Hey Cole,

>>> CCampb8169 <> 05/14 6:50 PM >>>

>I recently bought a 71 tr6 for 1300 dollars that I thought was the deal of the
>century. Surprise!!! Thje frame is rusted beyond repair and the motor smokes.
>Does anyone have a 71 parts car they would like to sell and does anyone know
>what causes smoke from this kind of engine? Will I have to overhaul the whole
>engine? Help!! I am dying here. Cole

 OK, claim down.  You didn't get the deal of the century, but you probably paid 
about what the car is worth, so don't think you got ripped-off.  Lets talk 
about what you got.

 You say the frame is rusted beyond repair.  Please describe the areas of rust. 
 I just finished replacing the cross-members on my TR-6 frame, so I can say 
that certain parts of the frame are fixable.

 The motor smoke.  Well, it is a 71, and who the heck knows when the engine was 
rebuilt last.  My engine used to blow smoke also.  I always felt bad for the 
car behind me.  The #1 piston rings were in sad shape.  The car couldn't pass 
emissions.I have rebuilt the engine, and am about to get it inspected (If the 
weather, my job, my wife and my health would just cooperate for on sticking 

 Your car my still be worth more than you think.  Does it have an OD/  Does it 
have decent original Red-Lines?  Does it have a factory hardtop?  Does it have 
webers or carbs?  Does it have wire wheels?

 Please reply and describe the shape of the car.

 Sorry, you may have thought you were buying a car you would have fun in this 
summer, but don't be short sighted.  Hopefully you will have many summers with 
this car if you just fix it right.


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