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RE: Tach befudlement

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Subject: RE: Tach befudlement
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I guess I could try another one at the next club meeting. I'll count the
teeth and post it.  The troubling thing is that it used to be right.  It
stopped reading right when I changed out the cable the first time.  The old
cable housing was in pieces so I replaced the cable + housing and thats when
the problem began.  Its haunted.

Jim Altman Illigitimi non Carborundum    69-TR6#CC28754L  W4UCK

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> Tach reads about 50% high. I have replaced
>  the cable, tried another tach, which also read about 50% high. Today I
>  the distributor off for other reasons and inspected the drive takeoff and
>  all is well there. Its a simple worm gear and I can't see any opportunity
>  introduce error there.


Assuming that both tachs are correct for your car, the only other thing they
have in common is the drive gear. Could it be that you have an incorrect
distributor? It may be that even though it fits, it was meant for another
and uses a different drive gear. Or, possibly, the drive gear was replaced
a PO with the wrong gear.

If you have access to another TR6, you might compare the two. Perhaps if you
can give the gear count to the list, someone may be able to check for you. I
have a spare '75 TR6 distributor, and I would be glad to look into it when I
get back to TN.

Dan Masters,
Atlanta, GA (for the weekend - spoiling my grandson again)

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