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Re: Winter Sale

To: Brian Sanborn <>
Subject: Re: Winter Sale
From: scott suhring <>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 06:40:09 -0700
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Brian and List:

One word of caution regarding TRF's winter sale.
I still have 2 parts on backorder from previous
sales.  The past sale to generate cash flow was
nice since they listed only items in stocks, gave
the # in stock and didn't accept back orders.

If you are  planning a winter project, as I am -
rebuilding suspension, I would suggest getting
prices from more than one distributor and going
in order of preference, but only order from those
who have item in stock, since a back order could
ruin your completion of the project.

Scott Suhring
Elizabethtown, PA
'70 TR6

Brian Sanborn wrote:
> Hi Brad,
> I am waiting for this myself...  to buy all my engine rebuild parts.  I read
> on the list that it starts in January and is 30% off.
> If I were TRF I would start this sale in October or November.... they would
> sell more in the end.  I am doing other things before I pull the engine to
> delay the start of the project.  With this cold weather coming I have plenty
> or workshop time available.
> Brian Sanborn
> 62 TR4          CT16260L  - Groton,  MA
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> From: Brad Kahler <>
> To: <>
> Date: Monday, October 12, 1998 7:37 PM
> Subject: Winter
> Now that its winter!  Does anyone know when TRF starts their winter sale
> and what the discount usually is?
> Brad  (Lincoln Nebraska 402-464-1502)
> 1964 Spitfire4           BFC25720L
> 1966 TR4A               CT72398L (Now a parts car)
> 1961 TR4                  CT288L (Now with OD!!)
> 1959 TR3                  TS41311L (Rusting Hulk)
> 1951 Dodge Truck    82217766  B-3-B-108

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