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Re: Need help!

To: Jonathan Beaudoin <>
Subject: Re: Need help!
From: David Massey <>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 13:22:16 -0400
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Message text written by Jonathan Beaudoin
>    Here's what I have done : Set the timing static at 10 BTCD, check that
rotor was at #1 position when at TDC on the crankshaft. Here what I have
now :
when I crank, nothing at all, when I stop cranking, the two carbs shoot a
low sound backfire with smoke. There is some smoke coming out of the
Could my mechanic did something wrong with the timing at crank and cam?  I
am a
bit disappointed about all this, after two weeks of exam and dreaming about
6 nothing is working... I got to get this thing on the road by saturday  (


Mon Dieu!   Il n'y a pas beaucoup des temps!

I could be just wrong mixture.  Pull a few plugs and look to see if they
are wet.  If so you have fouled plugs.

Or check the valve timing by removing the valve cover and rotating the
engine (Put the car in fourth gear and push the car).  The exhaust valve on
#6 should be just closing and the intake on #6 should be just opening as
you pass TDC on cylinder #1.  Check the timing marks on the crank as you do
this.  Then verify that the distributor rotor is pointing at the #1 plug

Let us know what you find.


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