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TR6 Tranny Question

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Subject: TR6 Tranny Question
From: "Tom Di Iulio" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 18:10:32 -0700charset="iso-8859-1"
Dear Listers,
    this is the situation:
all forward gears work fine, reverse works ok when cold then quickly
begins slipping while warming up. if you've ever had a clutch disk
wear out and slip, that's exactly what this feels like, except it's a
new disk, t/o bearing, pressure plate, and flywheel.
    this is a rebuilt, converted-to-o/d tranny. i'm using redline
mtl-90 oil in it. the o/d electrical functions have not yet been
energized. again i want to emphasize, all forward gears engage and
hold properly, warm or cold.
    the shift lever seems to stay in place while in reverse and while
the gear slips the engine rpms run up just as you'd expect. how can
reverse work at first and begin to slip?
    thanks for any/all advice or input.
Tom Di Iulio
1976 TR6
Denver, CO

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