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Re: Stupid car tricks - longish

To: Lawrence G Miceli <>
Subject: Re: Stupid car tricks - longish
From: Brian Kemp <>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 21:09:26 -0700
References: <>
Lawrence G Miceli wrote: (sections deleted)
> It seems that there is a short section of fuel line, about 4 inches long
> that pieces together the metal fuel lines under the car. It is the same
> on the TR6 and the Stag. This piece of line decided that it was the right
> time to disintegrate and allow gallons of fuel to spill onto the floor.
> I guess the moral of the story is CHANGE OUT THAT DAMN PIECE OF FUEL LINE

I second what Larry wrote.  This little section of hose is at the bend in the
frame under the driver's feet/legs.  I caught my hose when it was damp, before
it started dripping.  The previous owner told me all the fuel hoses were

Brian Kemp
72 TR6

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