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Re: Is it worth it

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Subject: Re: Is it worth it
From: "Fred Thomas" <>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 07:18:28 -0500
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"Is it worth it", if this does not answer each and every question/thought
that ever comes to mind, I sure don't know what will. You're quite a man Jon
Mac, yes you are quite a man. "FT"
> Before this thread is done to death, just one more variation.
> Over the last month or so, I've been singularly lucky to have been
> able to borrow two Triumphs on separate occasions from people I know.
> Just over two weeks ago, I met an American couple in the museum who
> had heard of the saloons made by the company but had never seen one
> 'in the flesh.' As the next day was my day off and with little to do
> of alternative importance, I offered to take them from their hotel to
> the former site. They didn't know how they'd get there in terms of the
> transport we'd be using,  in fact they didn't ask - but the sheer
> delight on their faces when I turned up at their hotel in a 1300TC
> saloon had to be seen to be believed.
> "You mean you're gonna takes us to Triumph IN a Triumph?" said it all.
> I don't seek and wouldn't want to be claiming some sort of USP (unique
> selling point) on this theme - but for me, the opportunity of being
> able to share history with enthusiasts who are total strangers is the
> 'dividend' that far exceeds anything I might receive in the mail from
> an investment. I guess there aren't too many people on this list, or
> anywhere else for that matter, who are able to enjoy some of the very
> unique and extremely profound privileges that I value beyond measure
> and am only too happy to share as the occasion may arise. Next year,
> Canley Girl should hopefully be more or less finished. That's when
> she'll really come into her own and will play the role of taking
> enthusiasts from distant lands back to her place of birth - and for
> that I ask only one thing.
> It's the opportunity of looking in the rear view mirror and seeing a
> permanent smile playing round the lips of my passengers who I've never
> met before and may never meet again as they undertake a trip that may
> have even more value to them than it has to me.
> And if we should use the better part of half a tank of juice at UK
> fuel prices to do it - what the hell. To my mind, there's no
> *investment* on earth that pays out time after time like this one -
> and it's all tax-free.
> Jonmac

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