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Re: TR6 engine reassembly - Crankshaft endfloat - help

Subject: Re: TR6 engine reassembly - Crankshaft endfloat - help
From: Randall Young <>
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2000 17:14:15 -0800
References: <>
Larry :

Just wanted to add the point, also previously made on the list, that
there are actually a great many more Loctite grades than there are

For instance, RC/609 Stud and Bearing mount is also green, while 271
(which is a lower temperature, faster grabbing high strength formula
than 272) is also red.

Moral : you can't tell the Loctite without a part number.

Randall wrote:
> Eric.....
> This info was from a previous thread on the list...from Robert Lang if memory
> serves correctly. To the point...
> LOCTITE COLORS AND NUMBERS...In descending order of "strength."
> Red- Loctite 272 - "high temp plications (like flywheel to crank and clutch
> to flywheel bolts). Warning, you might need heat to get things apart later
> on! This is also "high strength." They mean it!"
> Blue - Loctite 242 - "low temp applications. Medium strength."
> Green - Loctite 290 - "wicking grade" - assemble parts, put on a "dab" and it
> won't come apart...marvelous stuff."

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