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RE: Fixes im working on...

Subject: RE: Fixes im working on...
From: Randall Young <ryoung@NAVCOMTECH.COM>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 18:24:00 -0700
Freeman, Noah wrote :
> -Oil pressure is low (40 at highway speed when hot) oging to
> a) switch
> to heavier oil (20W50 rather than 10W30 which is what is in there
> currenlty)
> b) confirm the pressure with an independent pressure guage, c) I dont know
> what...what?

c) Try adjusting the pressure relief valve in the oil filter head (or
disassembling it, to see if the spring has broken)

d) Rebuild the engine (or at least change the rod & main bearing inserts,
which can be done in an afternoon, with the engine in the car).

> -The car is low in the left front end, and when cornering hard right, the
> fender rubs on the tire.  Is using the rubber "tired spring spacers" a
> temporary fix?  I imagine hte long term fix is to replace at least that
> spring, if not both the front ones...thoughts?

Weak springs should not be able to cause the fenders to rub on the tires.
Although your springs may be weak, there has to be another reason : oversize
tires/wheels, worn/broken suspension components, bent frame or sheet metal,

> -Rollbar- the moss one I ordered arrived.  Scratched to hell, of course. I
> think it was used.  Moss denies this of course.

Unless the scars are clearly around the mounting points, I'd be inclined to
believe them.  It's amazing how much cosmetic damage an awkward thing like
an uninstalled roll bar can accumulate without ever being installed.  Send
it off to FT, to be powder coated !

> This one is clearly meant
> to install on the back seat area, but it came with no instructions...any
> thoughts?  I dont htink htere is any frame near the back almost
> tempted to return it, and either order the TSI one or have my
> local race guy
> make one...thoughts?  ONe problem is that wiht super long legs, I HAVE to
> hvae hte seat all the way back, so I cant use floor mount types...

You must have missed the line about "Vintage racers will want to add
additional bracing to comply ..."

Have you considered moving the pedals closer to the floor ? <g>

Seriously, if you keep that bar, you'll want to have additional bracing made
up to connect it to the frame.  This is a common problem, since the frame
runs so far inboard of the doors.


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