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re: TR6 spin-on filter adapters?

Subject: re: TR6 spin-on filter adapters?
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 22:40:03 EDT
I ordered a spin on adapter and didn't like the one they sent (a well known 
UK firm) - it was twice as thick on one side than the other (where it impacts 
the rubber seal). The thin side was only half the thickness of my old 
It was a poor casting for something so simple looking. I sent it back for 
refund. Instead I think I am going to rig up a special socket on my electric 
drill so I can zip off the canister much faster and not spill as much oil. 
With the 'spin-on' you still spill a little oil so what the heck at least I 
will have 'full-flow' through the mechanisim - the spin on unit looks a bit 
constrictive to flow - 6 tiny holes instead of a port the thickness of my 

One thing I read about TR6 oil filter was something like: "the sideways TR6 
oil filter system seemed this engine's greatest engineering undoing .. the 
filter sitting sideways automatically drains it completely dry everytime you 
turn off the motor .. not a good thing especially on cold startup .."
A 'spin-on' filter unit could improve the TR6s originally poor canister 

'63 TR4 since '74

>>Listers, Can you offer positive or negative feedback on the spin-on oil 
filter kits like the ones sold by Moss for TR6's? Need to make an informed 
    Thanks, Peter C <<

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