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Re: Herald/Standard 10 engine/commission number question

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Subject: Re: Herald/Standard 10 engine/commission number question
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 15:17:30 EDT
In a message dated Wed, 5 Sep 2001 11:44:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Erik 
Quackenbush <> writes:

> I was looking at the Herald 1200 convertible that's for sale at a local 
> classic car dealer. The car appears to be in good condition but it seems to 
> have the wrong engine.
> Commission number:  GA48304L CU

Actually, that last letter should be a "V" and not a "U" (the CV stands for 
convertible, and the L before it means left hand drive)

> Engine number: BE98904 R
> According to one reference this is a 948cc engine from a 1957 Standard 10.

Might actually be a later Standard -- or Triumph -- 10, but that's what the BE 
prefix indicates. I'm not sure about the "R" suffix, though. At any rate, it 
would be a 948.

> The engine has a single Solex carburetor and a one piece manifold.

There are a several types of both Solex carbs and manifolds. The manifolds are 
pretty much interchangeable between 948 and 1147 engines, but carbs are not 
necessarily interchangeable between manifolds due to different throat sizes. 
Which carburetor is it? 
> Is it likely that the original 1147cc engine was replaced with a Standard 
> 10 engine?

Yes. It's pretty much a bolt-in procedure.

>   Could this have been an new replacement engine from the factory?

Only through a dealer who ordered the wrong engine, as any GA series Herald 
1200 would've had the 1147 engine.
> I've decided not to buy the car but I'm curious about the engine.

Now you know! :-)

BTW, does it have the oil filler in the center, or on either end (if the 
latter, which end)?

Andrew Mace, 10/Herald, etc., vehicle consultant, VTR

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