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power loss

To: "Alan" <>
Subject: power loss
From: David Massey <>
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 17:16:39 -0400
Cc: "[unknown]" <>
Message text written by "Alan"
>finally decided to go for a trip; after an hour into it car would loose
@ 2700 rpm or 56mph, back off to 50 mph 0r 2000 and can climb back to 56. 
I come to a stop, its ok going back up the gears, i can accelerate back up
60 and then it starts dying out again .  So I turned around and came home
traveling between 50 & 56.  once I got in town, the cars ok because its
stop &
go and never having to maintain a constant 55.
I have petronix electonic ignition.
I banged on the carbs to see if float was stuck.
Anyone have any ideas.  carbs,fuel pump, ignition????

Sounds like the classic symptoms of inadequate fuel delivery.  Either a
clogged line or a bad fuel pump.  Is there any trace of rust particals in
the fuel?  Is there a fuel filter in line and is it plugged?  

Have fun (?)


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