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Re: pdf versions of Moss catalogues available

To: "Musson, Carl" <>, <>
Subject: Re: pdf versions of Moss catalogues available
From: "Fred Thomas" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 04:43:45 -0500
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Carl Musson wrote ::
.   The only thing I
> wish Moss would do is provide a cross reference (as I am sure it has been
> created) between Std Triumph numbers and Moss numbers.
Carl ::
the Moss U/K cataloge uses factory part numbers, has a lots more trouble
shooting tecniques on each page and plenty of tips on "how too", and a lots
more parts that are NLA in this country, and they have not yet exhausted
their supply of original parts castings to discover the "China" junk profit
picture, yes I know they are owned by the same people.  "FT"

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