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TR6 springs

Subject: TR6 springs
From: Paul Mitchell <>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 09:28:19 +0200

The PO of my TR6 installed uprated springs to go with his tube shock
conversion. Recently I noticed that the clearance of the wheel arch over the
back wheel is about 3/4" less than at the front. I am assuming it's always
been like this, and it just took me a while (2 years!) to notice, rather
than a more sinister problem. I guess that the springs are all stock length,
and the front ones are stiffer, or the ones at the back are shorter (and
maybe stiffer). This may also go some way to explaining why the back wheels
are a bit keen to lock under heavy-ish braking.

What I need is a benchmark. I'd really appreicate it if someone could nip
out to the garage and measure the height from floor to top of the wheel arch
back & front? Also note the wheels and tyres - I'll need to take that into
account as mine are 205/60s on Minilites.

Many many thanks

74 TR6

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