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Re: Looking for a Lucas (type) wiper switch

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Subject: Re: Looking for a Lucas (type) wiper switch
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Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 22:25:48 -0500
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Barry..I've got two sitting here.  The pump still works
in one of them.  Most of the logo is worn from the knobs.
The shaft on one was apparently 'glued to the knob.
It's a bit short now (the shaft) but the knob still sticks on tight.
let me know... I don't need them as I converted
 both my 75 Spit and now my MKIII GT6 to the later style steering
column as I like the stalk levers and key position better.
I use the old dash mounted wiper switches as a manual
elec rad. fan over ride switch only.

The two on the shelf were spares in boxes from past car purchases.
They're Just let me know.

Paul Tegler
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Subject: Looking for a Lucas (type) wiper switch

> Listers -
> I am looking for a rotary style wiper control switch  the one that has
> park/off  low  high preferably with a wash switch (did later Spitfires
> use this or was it incorporated into the lever stalk?)  I havent had any
> luck looking on ebay and thought Id toss it out to the list to see if
> anybody had on laying about that they wanted to sell  (reasonably, I know
> that some early pump type switches went for over $70, Im not willing to
> that high and I dont need the pump type)
> It has to have the same wiring as the Spitfire type of switch that is to
> say (viewed left to right in a row) that when in park; connections 1 and 2
> are connected.  Low connects 2 to 3 and high connects 3 to 4
> Thanks
> Barry Schwartz
> (San Diego CA)
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