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Re: To Color Tune, or Not?

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Subject: Re: To Color Tune, or Not?
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Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 23:35:53 +0100
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Hi Bill
I am the proud owner of four of these things, my original which I cracked by
cleaning when hot (and keep for the spare bits!), two which I got as
replacements for that one and now use as a pair for setting twin carbs so as
not to have to keep moving one backwards and forwards between the cylinders
served by each carb, remember the adjustment on the front carb will have a
small effect on the rear cylinders due to the balance tube cast in to the
manifold. The last one is a spare for when I break one of the ones I use
I like to use the color tunes for getting the carbs set the same and then a
gastester for getting the CO right, usually only need a bit of a flat on
each carb to correct the idle CO level.
The only engine which won't pass emission test levels for much more modern
cars is the PI (5%). My1968 2000 sedan with 115000 miles will still run
sweet on 2.5% CO (for cars 1975 and later) or less (Tested at the MOT
station.) but I decided not to run it at 1% so as not to melt the pistons.

So in short I like the ColorTune, and don't intend to be without one anytime


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Subject: To Color Tune, or Not?

> I'm looking for advice from experienced hands regarding the effectiveness
> the Gunson Colortune system for setting the proper fuel/air mix on my
> SU H6 carbs.  Greatest thing since sliced bread or high tech overload?
> What's the most effective method to get it right consistently?
> Many thanks,
> Bill Stagg
> 1961 TR3A

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