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Re: Haynes Manuals

Subject: Re: Haynes Manuals
From: Michael Hargreave Mawson <>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 14:50:02 +0000
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On Sun, 21 Mar 2004, at around 08:54:31 local time, Paul Dorsey 
<> wrote:
>I have been told that perhaps the most complete guide to a particular car is a
>Haynes Manual.   Although a used copy of Haynes just sold on Ebay for about 20
>bucks, new ones are available from classic garage for about $25.  Could
>someone please tell me if these books are that good and possibly where to buy
>them cheaper?  (I already have a Glenn' Manual  and several others as well).

Dear Paul,

No, Haynes' Manuals are not that good.   They are certainly not as 
useful (or as user-friendly) as a factory manual.   That being said, 
they are considerably cheaper, and a lot easier to come by.   Their main 
flaw is that although they purport to talk even the greenest novice 
through every conceivable job, they have a distressing tendency to read 
something like this:


"Take a cross-head screwdriver (that is the tool with the handle and a 
cross-shaped head) and use it to remove the cross-head screw (turning 
anti-clockwise is best) on the boondoggle gizmo (no, we aren't going to 
tell you what that is, or where to find it, or why there are no 
cross-head screws on yours).   Spifflicate the Disraeli Gears (no, no 
clues...) with a left-handed wombat ratchet (available only from a store 
which went bust in 1976), and defibrillate the zeugma on the output 
flange spline landing keyway on the UNDERSIDE ONLY.   To ensure best 
results, apply polyputthekettleon hydrophobic grease to the 
rodent-strangling inhibitor.   Re-assembly is the reverse of the above."

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