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RE: relays

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Subject: RE: relays
From: "Ken Gano" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 21:16:10 -0600
I have to agree wholeheartedly.  Dan design is a vast improvement in every


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Subject: relays

Why not get in touch with Dan Masters and buy the set-up I have in my 59 T/R
3, I have 3 cutoffs, 12 fuses and 6 relays, plus inertia accident cutoff,
antitheft elec fuel pump cutoff and 4 way emergency flashers, and to top it
off, the whole assembly is well hidden up under the dash, Ken Gano in
also has one in his T/R 3 and I think he is satisfied, a fully modern
electrical system, he makes kits for quite a few LBC models,
NFI just one very happy customer of his.  "FT"

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