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TR3 Body Mounts to Frame

To: "Triumphs" <>
Subject: TR3 Body Mounts to Frame
From: "Bill Brewer" <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 06:43:49 -0700
     I am re-installing the body mounts on my TR3, in the engine compartment
on the 45 degree part. The MOSS parts catalog shows an aluminum spacer with
a thick rubber washer on each side. I ordered new spacers and rubber
washers. Together they are about 7/8 inch thick and the gap is about 3/8
inch, if that. It doesn't look like the body has sagged, slid forward or
anything. I have a bunch of thin rubber washers that I could use instead
that would fit. Would this be alright? Should I jack the body up a bit and
try to get the thicker washers in? What have other listers had to do?
     When I took the originals out, there was the aluminum spacer and one
thick rubber washer, I believe. The rubber washer had turned to goo and was
oozing out.
     Help! TIA! I am planning on bolting it up tonight.

     Bill Brewer
     Tehachapi, CA

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