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RE: TR4 operating question

To: (Triumphs List),
Subject: RE: TR4 operating question
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 16:46:11 +0000
The miss could be either fuel or ignition.  

If it is the fuel, it a stumble like that would probably indicate an excessive 
LEAN condition.  If it is transient and goes away  shortly while still at 2500 
rpm, then it might be inadequate dashpot damping.  If it is constant, then it 
is less obvious.  An air leak could be a cause.

More likely it is ignition.  Maybe a bad condenser, bad/maladjusted points, 
improper timing or the like.  

First check that you have oil in the dashpot, and that you have the carbs set 
correctly by using the lifting pins.  If they are not lean, then look to the 
ignition.  Ignition can be a bugger to track down.  I usually check/replace 
parts starting at the plugs and ending at the coil.  

An inductive timing light can be used to look for a bad wire.  Use the pickup 
on each wire and look for a rythmic flash.  Any one wire that is significantly 
more irregular could suggest that this wire is bad.  A good flash in each does 
not PROVE it is good, however.


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