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Re: Brit Car Week

Subject: Re: Brit Car Week
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 02:19:28 EDT
In a message dated 5/26/2004 10:27:37 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
Day Two if I am not mistaken, and nary a 
report of any skirmishes? No reports of 
MGB's overtaking TR3's? No TR8 having 
its wheels waxed by a Sunbeam Tiger? 
Anyone on this sordid planet driving their 
machine or is most admiring them in the 


Percy Ballentine 
Greetings..   Ok. I'll report.  This morning I sat down in my 61 Morgan +4 
(Triumph content-you are aware Triumph used Morgan engines, aren't you) and 
wandered off.  I live in North California (California's better half) and we 
some fantastic roads if you know where to look.  There is a web site called produced by a sport bike rider and he has listed over 200 roads 
a drive.  I wandered off to Iowa Hill on a road he refers to as Hairpin 
Heaven.  The road was a bit washboardy but the scenery is spectacular.  No 
rails and the occasional several hundred foot drop off tempers one's over 
enthusiasm.  You can't find the "town" of Iowa Hill on any map but it's 
there-all of 
about 4 buildings.  Some of the hairpins required first gear.  A super drive. 
 Then on to Foresthill, fast becoming one of my favorite areas, and on to 
Auburn, up the highway to Colfax (again) and the back highway to Grass 
Valley-Nevada City.  Just west of Grass Valley is a place called Bridgeport and 
longest (230 ft, I think) hybrid (truss-arch) covered bridge in the US.  You 
get to drive across it anymore but I did back in the late 60's.  It now has a 
nice state park with some nice hiking trails.  I then backtracked (the second 
half of Pleasant Valley Road is quite nice after you get past Lake Wildwood) 
and on to Marysville and back to Sacramento.  All in all, about a 240 mile 
figure 8.  I saw no LBC's on my journey.  Where were you all?    TJ

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