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TR6 fan on TR2/3 motor ("")! 0.70j

Subject: TR6 fan on TR2/3 motor ("")! 0.70j
From: Angelo Graham <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 07:51:00 -0400
Hello List:
Sorry to re-open the plastic fan issue again, but I just acquired an 8 
blade early TR6 yellow plastic fan  with the intention of mounting it on 
the TR2. The conventional wisdom is to mount the TR6 fan backwards. 
However, looking at the TR2/3 fan and the curvature of the blades, 
comparing it to the TR6 fan, seems that the blades are contoured the same. 
One would think that the plastic TR6 fan should be mounted "frontwards", 
that is the same as on the TR6.
Do both motors turn in the same direction? The rotation of the TR2/3 motor 
is clockwise?
Any insights on this fan mounting?
Thanks in advance.

Angelo Graham
'55 TR2

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