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Subject: armrest
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 07:50:52 -0600
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If you don't care about originality, you can get a generic arm rest/console
from J.C. Whitney in black or gray for around $40.00 that fits a TR6 very
nicely. Several guys in our local club bought them after seeing mine. The
original Amco units haven't been available for many years and command hefty
prices at swap meets.  I did meet a guy at TRA two years ago who talked
about making them for around $300.

Bob Streepy

CC58409 Lucille - the wonder car [I wonder if anybody would ever give 20
cents on the dollar for what I've spent on this thing?]
TS78649 L[soon to be O]Casper Midwest -Not the world's nicest TR$, just the
most expensive-
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Subject: Center Console/Armrest - TR4/250/6

> Every so often I've seen a center console armrest that fits over the brake
> handle on later TR4's, 250's and 6's.
> It provides a nice resting place for your elbow while driving. The top
> opened
> up for some storage, and the front had an opening for the handbrake arm to
> come
> through. The one my friend had in his TR6 many years ago also had an
> interior
> light at the back and, I believe, this was a factory option. They come up
> on
> ebay periodically, but seem to be pretty expensive.
> Has anybody built one? Bought one? Where, and how much? I'd prefer to try
> and
> build one, and would appreciate any pictures if you have some?
> Thanks!
> John

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