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Re: Fewer LBCs on ebay?

To: "McEwen, Art" <>
Subject: Re: Fewer LBCs on ebay?
From: Bob labuz <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 13:35:31 -0500
McEwen, Art wrote:
> Is it just my imagination or are there less lbcs listed on ebay then there
> used to be?  
> I can only find 1 TR3 there right now (in the uk) and it used to be 2-3 a
> week would pop up, only 1 page of triumphs entirely on  I
> occasionally pine for a Lotus Europa and they're not there at all anymore.
> Novelty of ebay has worn off?  People got burned? Or less people selling
> generally?


It has been that way for about a month. Is it the time of the year?

I can't remember if it was this way last winter. There was a bunch of 
TR3 projects on Ebay during Nov and Dec. Some looked like great 
candidates for restoration.

BTW, I am traveling to Ohio to pick up a TR4 I just acquired on Ebay. 
Long term retirement restoration project. Retirement to start in 6.5 
years. So I have that time to take it all apart!

I have also always wanted to get an Europa but it looks like my LBCs 
will always be Triumphs for the forseeable future. Up here in Central NY 
I have seen an Europa traveling from Rome to Utica a few times this past 
summer and fall. They still have the looks!

Bob Labuz

1958 TR3A
1963 TR4 (Tomorrow)
1974 T140V
1998 T-Bird T-3

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