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Re: parallel parking by touch

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Subject: Re: parallel parking by touch
From: "Kurtis" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 20:33:54 -0500
Happy anniversary Steven!

Somewhere down the road, I think the vast majority of people in this country 
lost any respect for the property of others.  San's Honda has dings all over 
it from errant shopping carts and people who've used it as a door stop for 
their car doors.

I've always considered my TR4 a bit safer in a parallel parking situation 
because there isn't the chance of a car on either side opening a door into 
it.  It's also a lot shorter than most cars, so if the spaces are clearly 
delineated, I can usually leave plenty of space front and back for the SUV 
crowd.  But then I don't usually have a front row seat to view what really 
happens. :(

I would suggest that you carry a couple of 2x4s with nails driven up through 
them.  Place them front and back of your car at whatever the normal wheel to 
bumper distance on an SUV is.  That should solve the problem. :)

Kurtis Jones
Russellville, Arkansas
1963 TR4 - CT19389L
1959 AH Bugeye - AN5L23250 

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