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RE: Aon insurance denial.

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Subject: RE: Aon insurance denial.
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 10:46:55 -0700
> Attempting to improve the insurance coverage for my TR3A I applied
> to Aon Collector CarInsurance.  Their respose was they do not
> insure cars with roll bars.

Tom, if you still have trouble with the "classic car" insurers, you might
try Mercury.  They don't offer a "collector" policy, but they do have a
hefty discount for multiple cars and no restrictions whatsoever on usage.

I've had several claims now, including the total loss of my TR3A, and I'm
still reasonably happy with Mercury.  Probably my biggest irritation was
that the first body shop they suggested (I can go anywhere I please but I
asked for their recommendation) said they could not even estimate such an
old car.  But they found another shop and everything went smoothly from

Well, obviously I'm not happy about the "total loss" part.  But the $12.5k
estimate to repair was probably reasonably accurate (since the entire body
would have to be replaced), and the car really wasn't worth that much.  And
since I'd only stated the value at $8k (meant to up it to $10k but didn't),
there was really no question.  Got my check for $8k, got to keep the car and
it's clear (not salvage) title (and it's recently rebuilt 4-synchro OD
gearbox with dipstick) ... I'd rather have my car back but I'm not hurting
from the deal.


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