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RE: Aon insurance denial.

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Subject: RE: Aon insurance denial.
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Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 23:14:35 -0400
Right on Randall..... Which is why I went with AON and their "agreed to"
value. Always read the fine print and hope you don't ever have to file a
claim! :-) I'm comfortable with the policy as written.

Bob Danielson
1975 TR6  

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> In fact, AON was
> the only company I could find that would let you use your car as a 
> "daily driver" and give you an "agreed to" value.

This has been mentioned many times, so apologies to those of you that know
all about it.  But it's important and I think bears repeating ... beware of
the distinction between "agreed" value and "stated" value.  Not all
insurance agents understand the distinction ! (or are willing to admit it,

"Stated" value means you get to say what the car is worth, and pay insurance
premiums based on that amount, but then when you have a loss, the insurance
will only pay the lesser of "fair market value" or the stated value.

"Agreed" value means they will either pay to fix the car or pay the agreed
amount, even if that is more than the "fair market value".

I'm not saying Aon doesn't offer "agreed value" ... but I'd want to read the
policy fine print carefully.


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