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Being single has it's advantages

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Subject: Being single has it's advantages
From: "Paul Dorsey" <>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 10:00:41 -0500
Being single has it's

for several days I've left my temperature gauge from my TR3 on the stove top
and submerged in water on a burner along with a cooking thermometer.
Doesn't water boil at 213 degrees F (the tiny bubbles jump to the water's
surface)?  If so, the thermometer needs an 'adjustment'.

Thankfully, the gauge wakes up from 185 to 208 (this last number arrived at
with the aid of a highly scientific interpolation formula<g>.)  I am not
sure I can totally trust the 'ole 60 TR3 gauge to be accurate even for this
23 degree range.  My question is this:  what one number, between say 185 and
215, should I try to get the gauge accurate for?  This way, when I'm 'goin
down the road' (if I ever get it runnin), and it creeps above, say 201 (for
example), i'll know somethings up.

I've yet to put in either a 185 or a 195 degree thermostat.

Paul Dorsey

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