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[TR] TR6 electrical diagnosis request

To: "TR List" <>
Subject: [TR] TR6 electrical diagnosis request
From: "Mark Hooper" <>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 19:51:20 -0400
I need a little electrical diagnostic assistance.

My 1972 TR6 with ammeter has suddenly started to present an odd symptom. The
amp guage has gone from rock steady centre to suddenly being way over in the
charge. If I am on the highway at 2600 rpm then the gauge is pegged at the +C
side. If I put on the headlights then the guage is at about the 1/2 way mark
in C territory. All accesories seem to be working fine, so no obvious shorts.

I drove home and put on the voltmeter. At 700 rpm idle I get 16.0 volts. If I
put on the lights it drops to 13.4. Revving the engine brings up the voltage.

It was indeed very hot today, so I am thinking that I've cooked the alternator
regulator. The alternator is an AC Delco type that I last had rebuilt in 1988.

So, oh massed minds of the list, what thinkest thou?

1972 TR6 (with really bright instrument lights)

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