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RE: [TR] Fuel tank arghhh!

To: "John Gillis" <>, <>
Subject: RE: [TR] Fuel tank arghhh!
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 08:56:34 -0800
> Ok I give up, what is the secret of fitting the petrol tank?. When I put
> everything in position, the extension filler, the tank, but without the
> rubber
> hose that joins the two, the gap between the extension and the neck of the
> tank
> is about an 1/8". If I fit the hose to one or the other before fitting I can
> see
> no way of manipulating the hose into position on the other, if you follow.

John, I've no idea of the "correct" way to do it.  What I did was trim the
rubber hose, until it extended only slightly above the end of the tank neck when
slid all the way down.  Don't recall offhand what I used for lubricant on the
neck.  Then with the tank in place, I pushed upwards on the body so I could
force the extension into place.  After installing and positioning the cap, I was
able to move the rubber hose upwards onto the extension with a combination of
prying and twisting.  If you want to use the original clamps, you'll need to put
them on before putting the extension in place ... I used worm-drive clamps so I
could install them later.

For those who don't understand the question, the later fillers were modified to
make this process much easier.


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