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[TR] Adjustable Trailing Arm Brackets

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Subject: [TR] Adjustable Trailing Arm Brackets
From: "Bob Danielson" <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 20:35:05 -0400
There's a discussion going on in the 6-pack forum about the long term
durability of Good Parts Adjustable Trailing Arm Brackets
( Anybody here running
them.....maybe even autocrossing with them.......or racing? Uncle Jack? Any
problems with them holding their setting over the long term? 
Someone actually just gave me a set that he never got around to mounting on
his now sold TR6. Maybe next winter there will be a rear suspension rebuild
going on in my garage!

Bob Danielson
1975 TR6 CF38503U
Running w/ Throttle Body Injection 


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