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Subject: Re: [TR] Engine noise B-25
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Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 08:11:14 -0800
Some years ago PBS (NOVA I think) did a great show about the crew that
excavated that P58 from the ice. Had they only waited a few years Global
Warming would have done the ice removal for them.


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A few years back some "fly guys" knew about a P58 "Lockheed Lighting"
buried in the "ICE" in Greenland from WWll, took them a couple of years
and many millions to remove it from the 80 ft depth of ice and then a
complete nuts and bolts rebuild, plane is worth untold $$$$ today, the
head engineer on the project is a TR 4 race driver from Georgia, maybe
some list members from down that way know more of whom and when, than I
do will fill in the spots left out "FT"

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