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Re: [TR] Engine noise B-25

Subject: Re: [TR] Engine noise B-25
From: "John Herrera" <>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2007 14:18:38 -0500
>I live very near the Yankee Air Museum in Ypsilanti, MI., where they have 3
>fully restored and flying WWII aircraft, a B17, a B25, and a C47. And like
>Nolan, I too am located under the flight path that these beautiful but LOUD
>aircraft use. But what a sight and sound it is when one of those birds
>flies over. In 2005, the museum hosted an air show where eight B17 Bombers
>were present, and flew in formation right over my house. That was
>reportedly the largest gathering of B17's since the war. What a sight! This
>year's show featured 15 B25 bombers. As they passed over, I was afraid my
>house was gonna fall down! And then came the Blue Angels!!!
>Jeff W.

I taught A&P School at Frederick Airport in Maryland. The CAF used to put on 
Wings of Freedom there every September. The show coincided with the 
beginning of the semester. Planes arrived all during the week before the 
show, right when I had to get things ready for the new semester. Needless to 
say, it was hard to concentrate on work with all the arrivals and 

Friday the field was closed for practice. One time the 'phone rang when the 
F-18 was practicing. It was someone asking if airshow practice was on. I 
yelled, "I can't hear you. Airshow practice is going on!"

Many ships stayed ater Sunday. I would take the new class on a tour of the 
field and they got to look at some old warbirds and listen to them leave and 
buzz the field. And watch them leave, too, as I would let them out of class 
to watch.


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