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Re: [TR] loss of power

Subject: Re: [TR] loss of power
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2008 18:13:40 -0400

Sure sounds like a fuel blockage.? How has it performed since you changed the 
fuel filters today?? There arent many fuel lines on the TR6.? Perhaps you could 
disconnect the fuel line on the intake side of the fuel pump, as well as 
disconnect it from the fuel tank and blow some compressed air backwards into a 
towel to recover what comes out, if anything.? Do the same thing between the 
carbs and the output side of the fuel pump?? Any chance that someone has thrown 
something in your fuel tank?? Something that might periodically shift and cover 
up the outlet?? Sounds like a good time to stick a fuel shut-off valve under 
the tank as the hose exits the fuel tank.



Aaron Cropley
71 TR6 (Throttle Body Injection!)
2002 Mini Cooper S
Topsham, Maine



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Subject: [TR] loss of power

OK, gentlemen, a paradox for the weekend....
My 1971 TR6 has a problem.  Symptom:  I am going down the road and roll into
full throttle.  the car has a loss of power.  Not a miss fire; not a bucking
from a cylinder not firing. More like your car would do on a cold morning when
the choke slips off and it sound like the cylinders are dead.  But it happens
when up to temperature no choke. Can happen in any gear at any speed.  Pulling
the choke makes no difference.  Opening the gas cap (I can reach back and open
it on the run to check venting) makes no difference. It will run fine at high
speed/rpm, but I cannot get there under full throttle. Idles fine.
When it first occurred some months ago, my tech guys checked the electrics -
all OK.  They replaced the fuel filters and that helped - for a while.  They
were limited in time so gave it back to me to take home and work on myself.  I
parked it at work.  When I went to drive home - all was fine!  No loss of
power no sound of dead cylinders.
Was fine for about 3 months. Went to get my hair cut - about a 6 mile drive.
On the way back it started again.  I waited for the next opportunity to open
up the throttle - I was driving through town - when I did, all was fine!
Now again, couple months later, driving into work last Friday, all OK.  Went
to run some errands at lunch - dead cylinders at full throttle.  When I drove
home after work - all fine!
I checked and replaced the fuel filters today - no signs of blockage. When I
pulled the fuel line on the tank side of the fuel pump to that filter had
plenty of fuel pour out.  When I work the primer on the pump, plenty of fuel
squirts out the line near the carbs.
Thought a bad diaphragm in either the fuel pump or carbs - but it heals - so
don't really think so.
The thing is it heals! and is intermittent!

thoughts?  suggestions?


Peter Arakelian - 1971 TR6

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