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Re: [TR] OT: Frame Paint

Subject: Re: [TR] OT: Frame Paint
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 23:06:33 +0000 (UTC)
>"Toilet rings" may be a cheaper source of paraffin than the food-grade stuff
>sold in your local supermarket (with the canning supplies).

Hmmm...B  Does this presuppose that the frame is in the toilet the moment
after application???

More seriously, two thoughts:

1) I used POR 15 on my frame.B  Results are outstanding.B  Under the car, it
doesn't matter whether it flattens over time. Rust prevention is superb 5
years and counting.

2) I haven't seen mentioned yet whether this is a box frame or I frame.B  If
box, you may want to consider a stop-rust treatment.B  I simply bought a
gallon jug of cheap oil, poured it into various openings, and twisted and
turnedB the frame to get a full coating inside.B  More complicated options are
available from others here, but my frame wasn't that bad to begin with, so
worked fine for me.

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A (TS 58667)

New Hampshire, where the Triumph gods have yet to throw down snow.B  Whoo


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