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Re: [TR] interior insulation - TR3

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Subject: Re: [TR] interior insulation - TR3
From: "Alex" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 17:25:34 -0400
I solved the heat problem through the tunnel the following way. My metal 
tunnel is lined on the underside (transmission side) with the aluminum 
bubble insulation you can buy at Lowes. I installed it 4 years ago with a 
good spray adhesive and then sprayed it black. You can not even detect it 
unless you look very close. It's a tight fit with the tranny but very 
doable. If you are concerned or have the rubber plugs for the dipstick with 
the transmission tunnel, adjust accordingly. I welded my tunnel access shut. 
That coupled with the under liner for the wool carpeting eliminated ALL the 
heat from that area.

Alex Manzo
59 TR3A
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Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2011 10:25 AM
Subject: Re: [TR] interior insulation - TR3

> Welcome back!
> First - the insulation is for inside the cockpit; not in the engine
> compartment.   I live in Florida and if I can't get the ambient temp of 
> the
> cockpit within reason - my wife will never ride in the TR....  and it will
> be less enjoyable for me.
> Radiator shrouds (you don't mention which car) are designed to force air
> through the radiator - cooling the water - cooling the internal engine. 
> The
> fan is designed to aid in pulling that air through the radiator (when the
> car is in motion).  If the ambient air temperature is 90^ or better - it 
> has
> less effect on cooling the water.  The electric fans help by generating 
> air
> flow when the car is not in motion.
> There are only two places for the air to escape the engine compartment (on 
> a
> TR3 but similar for other cars) -through the vent slots at the top rear 
> edge
> of the bonnet/hood or under the car (through the transmission tunnel).
> Since the top escape is limited - most of the heat is directed down and 
> back
> - against the firewall and through the tunnel.  That creates the large
> amount of heat in the cockpit area.  It is aggravated by the placement of
> the exhaust system(first muffler) under the passenger side. Hence the 
> desire
> to insulate the cockpit.  R15(x2) on the firewall; floor; tranny tunnel; 
> R15
> elsewhere.   Also it will provide some relief from road noise (when the
> curtains/hood are installed)
> It is my understanding that some racers install a deflector at the bottom 
> of
> the radiator which helps create a negative pressure behind the radiator 
> and
> below the front of the engine.  This helps pull the hot air (after the
> radiator) down and below the car rather than into the firewall and then 
> down
> into the tunnel.   I have installed a 1 1/2" deflector in the front cross
> member below the radiator (it also protects the alloy sump).  We'll see if
> it helps.
> As to vapor lock... Do you have a heat shield between the manifold and
> carbs?  Again - the hot air generated by the manifold has to go 
> somewhere...
> the shield deflects it to the rear of the carbs so that it can then flow 
> up
> (or down) and out of the engine compartment.
> Carl


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