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[TR] Trials and Tribulations

Subject: [TR] Trials and Tribulations
From: Bill <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 14:54:23 -0700
Let me first acknowledge that NONE of these events are attributed to 
my DPO, in this case he was, is, and always will be Distinguished 
Previous Owner in my book ... just a few notes on how the season is 

  Actually our TR6 is running and looking great.  We have decided not 
to enter any SCCA Judged Concours this year, Rosey (TR6) was restored 
in 1998 and is beginning to show her age, also the work required is 
just too much for us old feeble folks ...

Casper (TR3) however is another story ... On the Snowball 500 Rallye 
he decided to shed a couple of teeth of of the differential pinion 
gear.  On disassembly it was discovered that who ever did this the 
last time had not centered the axle tube correctly, causing one side 
to be one (1) inch forward of the other.  It does say much about the 
durability of the car, been that way for years, at least ever since 
we owned it, but finally gave up.

So we had to replace the entire axle tube/diff assembly, no easy 
task, and finally had it done except for bleeding the brakes ... 
using the "start from the furthest from the master cylinder" all went 
well until I went to the Right Front ... only to find the bleeder 
screw had been sheered off.  I took it to a really good machine shop 
and they could not get it out ... so the guy who put it in must be at 
least as strong as the Terminator.   Luckily my friend Wayne, who has 
tons (literally) of used Triumph parts found me a good used one. 
Which is currently drying its paint, after being wire brushed and 
having all the brake line parts assembled.  Brake line connections 
are a PAIN IN THE ASS !!!, pardon my French.  I have had to remove 
and install eight (8) of them knowing full well that a simple mistake 
would lead to the dreaded "cross-thread" condition ... but I managed 
to get it all done, now I just have to put the caliper back on, hook 
one last connection and see how many leaks there will be ... >:-o  
Other than that things are going great.
One Day Later

After testing things and of course re-bleeding all the brakes, I am 
happy to report that Casper is rolling ... and Stopping ... no leaks, 
spent the last two days washing off grease spots from greasy hands, 
nice new coat of SmartWax, AnnaBelle cleaned and treated all the 
upholstery ... we will be taking him to breakfast tomorrow ... Just 
because we can
"Thinking is the hardest work there is. That's why so few people 
undertake it." - Henry Ford
Bill Pugh
1957 TR3
Wallace, CA


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