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Re: [TR] TR3 Timing question

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Subject: Re: [TR] TR3 Timing question
From: "Andrew Uprichard" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2019 18:15:38 -0500
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The mark is on the front pulley and if the distributor is a tooth off, the car 
will look like it is excessively advanced or retarded.

And for the person who said it is not possible to mess up the pulley, it is:  
is you take the 6 bolts out , the pulley can be reassembled with the hole not 
being opposite the key.  Randall covered this when he said you'd be out by one 
sixth of a turn is you did so.

Andrew Uprichard
Jackson, Michigan

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Subject: RE: [TR] TR3 Timing question

I'm a little puzzled here. If the distributor was installed several teeth off, 
isn't the only thing that will do is change the position of the distributor 
body, and hence, the secondary towers of the cap in relation to where they used 
to be? Spark has to occur somewhere near TDC for the engine to start. Engines 
with helical cut teeth on the distributor gear can be installed in any 
position. The only issue is that the tower marked #1 may no longer be connected 
to #1 cylinder. I am not familiar with timing marks on those engines. Are they 
on the front pulley or the flywheel? If they are on the flywheel, don't most 
flywheels have an offset bolt pattern and/or a dowel pin that would prevent 
incorrect positioning during re-installation? Sorry for jumping in without 
fully researching.

Alex Thomson

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I think Randall's point was, you could have installed the pulley wrong:  the 
hole should be opposite the slot for the woodruff key.

Could you have gotten the distributor drive one tooth out where it engages the 
cam?  If   that is the case, it is fairly simple to correct - or you can leave 
it as it, just bearing in mind the timing will always look wrong.


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Subject: Re: [TR] TR3 Timing question

Thanks Randall, 
40° was just a guess, the mark is about at the 2:00 position.  I am using the 
hole in the pulley as the TDC mark, there is also a file mark there.  

I turned the dizzy clockwise until it started to stumble, then brought it back 
to the best smooth RPM position.   First road test was great, compression at 
175 across 4.  Can I leave it there?  If not, what should I be looking for?


Sent from my DynaTAC 8000X

On Feb 28, 2019, at 1:40 AM, Randall <> wrote:

Sounds to me like your TDC marks are wrong.

If the issue is the front pulley being assembled wrong, it would be off by
60 degrees, and so you're still about 20 degrees fast.  That is likely to be
an issue.

40 late isn't going to work well either.

> Had set the dizzy to open with the marks at TDC, not 
> happening.  So I advanced it a whole bunch till the car would 
> start.  Put a light on it and, by the marks, it looks like 
> 40° retarded at a nice smooth idle and the dizzy is in a very 
> normal position.   How does that happen?   Is the only fix to 
> pull the front of the engine and relocate the hub?
> Will it hurt anything to drive it as is?

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