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Re: [TR] Missing MG midget

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Subject: Re: [TR] Missing MG midget
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Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2019 08:25:51 -0700 fQQYxufC05X5O//QsISnMSEaQEWI/Do1I1PxOZ3yzEYM+WM+LWUCoIOcEDJ/zR/jOe+3v3GKDSU50mRYSIdFJ4D8Qcog9F6wy6A=
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<html><body><span style=3D"font-family:Verdana; color:#000; font-size:10pt;=
"><div>my vote is crap in the fuel lines/tank.&nbsp; will it sit and idle j=
ust fine for a while?&nbsp; (get a high velocity fan pointed at the radiato=
r).<br><br></div>=0A<blockquote id=3D"replyBlockquote" webmail=3D"1" style=
=3D"border-left: 2px solid blue; margin-left: 8px; padding-left: 8px; font-=
size:10pt; color:black; font-family:verdana;">=0A<div id=3D"wmQuoteWrapper"=
>=0A-------- Original Message --------<br>=0ASubject: Re: [TR] Missing MG m=
idget<br>=0AFrom: TERRY SMITH &lt;<a href=3D"";>te=</a>&gt;<br>=0ADate: Wed, December 18, 2019 8:07 am<br>=0A=
To: Greg Lemon &lt;<a href=3D"";></a>=
&gt;, William Pugh &lt;<a href=3D"";>anabil007@c=</a>&gt;<br>=0ACc: TR3/6 &lt;<a href=3D"mailto:triumphs@autox.tea="></a>&gt;<br>=0A<br>=0A      <div style=3D"fon=
t-size: 12pt; font-family: helvetica, arial, sans-serif; color: rgb(51, 51,=
 51);"> So it sounds like it runs fine, then begins missing when driving.&n=
bsp; Does it begin missing immediately when under load?&nbsp; Just wonderin=
g if the spark plug wires might be old and arcing under the insulation.&nbs=
p; That or something else with the ignition, such as Greg's thought about t=
he coil which would especially show itself when warmed up.&nbsp;&nbsp; </di=
v> <blockquote type=3D"cite" style=3D"border-left: blue 2px solid; margin-l=
eft: 8px; padding-left: 8px;"> On December 17, 2019 at 7:17 PM Greg Lemon &=
lt;<a href=3D"";></a>&gt; wrote: <br>=
 <br> <div dir=3D"auto"> I know you said float bowls full, but first thing =
I think is sediment in the fuel line or bottom of the tank, flow pushes it =
into restriction point, car misses and stops, pressure is released, flows a=
gain, rinse, lather, repeat. <div dir=3D"auto"> <br> </div> <div dir=3D"aut=
o"> But if you are sure it is not that, maybe capcitator (once, I had one g=
o out, and it gave a weak intermittent spark that got worse when things hea=
ted up) or coil. </div> <div dir=3D"auto"> <br> </div> <div dir=3D"auto"> G=
reg Lemon </div> <div dir=3D"auto"> TR250 </div> </div> <br> <div class=3D"=
ox-646de76d36-gmail_quote"> <div class=3D"ox-646de76d36-gmail_attr" dir=3D"=
ltr"> On Tue, Dec 17, 2019, 5:25 PM William Pugh &lt; <a target=3D"_blank" =
href=3D"";></a>&gt; wrote: =
<br> </div> <blockquote> <br> I know=E2=80=A6not a Triumph=E2=80=A6but he i=
s a good guy and the 948cc engines are all alike=E2=80=A6maybe. <br> <br> A=
nyway it starts instantly, sounds good, off for a drive=E2=80=A6begins miss=
ing, badly. <br> <br> Stop =E2=80=A6 wait 10minutes =E2=80=A6 starts right =
up.&nbsp; &nbsp;???&nbsp; fuel pump works, carb bowls full =E2=80=A6 tis a =
puzzle . <br> <br> I think there must be a kink somewhere in the fuel&nbsp;=
 system, near exhaust, expands/closes=E2=80=A6put, put.&nbsp; Running rich =
plugs black.&nbsp; We have tried almost everything with no success , any id=
eas greatly appreciated . <br> <br> Thanks for listening <br> Bill Pugh <br=
> <br> Life is too short <br> to drive Boring Cars <br> <br> <br> <br> ** <=
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