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Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 07:13:12 +1100
Hear hear!  Which is why you look for race mechanics with fitter and turner
skills not mechanical 'engineering'.

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> Hi from Australia Nick,
> My son and I run a machine shop which makes very specialised printing
> machinery. We have about 15 guys and you would be amazed that only the
> over 45 years of age know anything about REAL engineering. Who's fault is
> this? I can tell you it's a real shame that we bring our kids up to
> that unless they are academics or computer nuts who shuffle money, stocks
> and shares or something around on a screen for a living they have somehow
> failed. The kids of today do not know about making things from common
> materials like bits of balsa wood. They have to have it given to them as a
> kit made in bloody Taiwan or Korea and no original thought is needed to
> assemble it. My son is building a Singer Nine supercharged special using
> prewar or hand made parts, no MIG welding for him, all gas or stick or
> rivets just like the good old days. My 18 month old grandson is helping
> is showing signs of being a car nut already so we may at least have one
> craftsman available in the 2020's. A mechanic these days would not know
> to rebuild a part, all he is taught to do is go to the parts shop and buy
> replacement to "plug in". Sorry I can't help with a heat treater!
> Sorry you touched a nerve,
> Bruce Mansell, Brabham BT21, Lotus 22,

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