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sebring....".i done good"

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Subject: sebring....".i done good"
From: "Charles Christ" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 13:05:02 -0500
where do you start after an event like this?
lemmie see.  it was hot, cold ...dry then wet ..then incredibly wet ...then
dry again!  LOL!  oh ya wanted to hear about the racing?  well from my
vantage point in my rolling spectators seat it was a real hoot!  acording to
linda diehl as the week progressed i was driving faster and faster(it did
not feel faster!)  our practice session was great fun but i realised that my
biggest concern was not  that i forgot some of the course in the year that
passed since my last visit to sebring.  it was my tiny displacement saab Vs.
the likes of lister, mustang, camaro, corvette and porsche.  there are times
i fear i watch my mirrors more that i watch out my windshield.   this event
was no exception.  i asked the saab to do evrything it could and as usual i
felt at times like all i was doing was getting in the way of my fellow
competitors.   some sugestions for an automatic "point by" finger to be
electronically raised in my car were well recieved....(not gonna
happen...LOL!).  the enduro was a bit of a pannic as we ran into the early
stages of darkness.  i had my rain lights turned on (yes! the saab is wired
for rain lights!  like the bright orange is not enough?) with hopes of them
helping aproaching traffic find me in dark portions of the course.   i had a
few anxious moments being overtaken into the hair pin and the turn onto the
airport straight with faster lap traffic.   the bumpy sections of course
were very rough on me i do not know how the really fast cars handle out
there where i was getting tossed around in sunset bend and turn 1.   i had a
great time at the down town event.  i actually had 2 guys meet at my car
from 2 neighboring towns near harrisburg that knew each others brothers but
had never met !  only at sebring could you experience such a thing!
it's one long mother tow from pennsylvania to sebring florida.   in
retrospect i think i'll return next year .  the people, the parties, the
scantly clad young ladies(oh yeah! the cruising in the humdingers *what was
being touted as the new H3*LOL! yeilded some fine viewing of the forbiden
zones of the event! *wink-wink*), all add up to what seems to be
oh yeah!  i almost forgot ..the friday night golf cart and tire cart races
and 180 degree spin contest (quite unofficial and totally unsanctioned by
GCRA golf cart racing association) was hilarious!  the stuff that goes on
late into the night at sebring is just unbelieveable...i still have 3
strings of beads hanging in my van to remember the event by.....(a whole
'nuther story...)  ROFLMAO!!!!!

"that darn orange saab"
btw!  a great job was done friday night by evryone trying to help fellow
competitors secure their posessions in the incredibly fierce florida thunder
storm.  many people lost EZ up's and canopys due to the weight of water
pooled up on them or the high winds we endured.  i actually saw bits of
broken coolers floating away and duck waddles pit floor tiles floating away
(craig disney salvaged them and returned them to duck's pit area).  being
there for a fellow competitor in need is what this is all about....c.

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