[Spridgets] Where will you be the week on June 12?

Trevor Jessie trevor.jessie at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 14:33:36 MDT 2016

There are many great car events that occur every summer.  During the week
on June 12, 2016 there are two events in my area that are considered
national events.

Option 1: MG2016 in louisville, ky.  This is an all MG event that occurs
every five years.  However, all British cars are welcome ... especially
sprites.  www.mg2016.com

Option 2: About 90 miles northeast of Louisville is Cincinnati and the
Healey Reunion.  If I read the website correctly they are giving away a
rebuilt 1275 engine.  www.2016healeyreunion.com

Option 3: fill in the blank.

Let's get the spridgets out there and remind people how awesome these cars
and their owners are.

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