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Years ago I made a nice little cold air ram box for my MGA after seeing the one on the LeMans Healey 100. Made mine from a Radio Shack aluminum box chassis with a aluminum plate screwed on the back. Worked like a charm and I even had a little Brillo pad type air strainer in the section of the radiator mounting plate where the hose went through. Just put a screen on the metal, filled the area with steel wool, and screened up the other side before mounting the hose. I used the heater air hose sized stuff so it would mount up nice and easy. I found that the increased air pressure in the carbs tended to lift the floats and shut off the gas flow until I routed the little overflow pipes from the carb float chambers into the ram air box. That seemed to equalize things.....Gosh this was in about 19ought 59 I was doing this stuff to go a tiny bit faster. I used  little short about 3/4 inch long  velocity stacks as I remember, inside the cold air box.


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The point is that if you smooth out the air flow at the transition from filter plate to carburetor throat, more air can pass since there is less effective constriction caused by the edge affected air flow. 


On this note. Once you do have your MG engines tuned up and happy. Moss has been working on a cold air intake with integral ram pipe design that was recently approved for production. 


This was primarily developed for the MGA and MGB, but would probably fit nicely on a Magnette.  I’ll get more information to the list when the project is finalized. 





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Well funny thing is that several automotive engineers and motor builders have done a lot of work with flow benches and the like, (D. Vizard for one) and have shown that these properly built Velocity stacks will INCREASE flow into the carb mouth..ie allow MORE air in, not just smooth it out. I don’t have my flow measuring devices any more, but don’t question what the engineering elves like David Vizard say on this matter.



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