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Updated 10/08/00
    There are many mailing lists for various makes or models of British cars. The "main" British cars mailing list is for enthusiasts of British cars of all types- sports cars, saloons, Land Rovers, or whatever, and is a tremendous resource no matter what your favourite is. Ownership of an appropriate vehicle is not a prerequisite to joining a list.
    The british-cars mailing list is the grand-daddy of them all, and is sent to readers around the world.Over the years, this has generated many sublists for individual marques or models of cars. The list is available in a real-time format, or as a digest, with the day's messages collected into one large nightly mailing. Some folks prefer this format over the steady stream of mail throughout the day.
    The British-cars list, and others located at are run by an automated "list Server", called majordomo. You can find information about this majordomo by sending the command help on the first line of an e-mail message to:
Many other lists are run from different machines all over the world.

You can use the Team.Net Mailing List Manager to help subscribe online and get the most up-to-date list info.

If you will be representing an auto-related business on one of these mailing lists, Please Read This First!
Or Subscribe via direct e-mail request: The Team.Net lists, located at are run by an automated "list Server", called majordomo. You can also find information about this majordomo by sending the command help on the first line of an e-mail message to:

Some lists are also available as Digest Version, In digest form, all the messages for each day are sent out combined in a single message (sometimes two). This is good if your system can't handle a lot of mail messages.

To mail to majordomo to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to most of these lists, send an email message to the request address, with your request in the body of the message like one of these:

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unsubscribe british-cars [your email address]

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British vehicle related mailing lists

(Check the Team.Net list manager for additional listings.)

British vehicle related mailing lists: General

British Cars: The big list, for owners and enthusiasts of all types of British Cars
British Cars Digest Version: A once-a-day digest of the messages on the British-Cars list. Good if your system can't handle a lot of mail messages. Pre-War British Cars: For those interested British cars designed or built before World War II Related News Groups:

AutoJumble Digest Available  Cars & Parts for sale

Other Team.Net Mailing lists

Single Marque or Model Lists:

capri-list - A forum for discussion, information exchange and maintenance support among owners and enthusiasts of all Capris both foreign and domestic.
  • mailto:

  • Your message should contain: subscribe capri-list
    chapman-era - A mailing list for early Lotus enthusiasts, or actually for fans of any sports or racing cars, similar in spirit to the Lotus cars of the Chapman era. DeLorean: Healeys or Healey Digest: All Healeys, inc. Austin-Healey, Jensen-Healey, etc. Hillman: For owners of various Hillman cars. NEW! Jaguars: Jaguar Lovers List (Also Pre-XK, XK, Saloons, E-type, XJ, XJ-S, Lumps, Pub lists!) Jaguar XK: XK Lovers list- XK 120-150, C, D, and SS cars. NEW! Jaguar XKE: XKE Lovers ListNEW! Jensen: Jensen cars list covers all Jensens including Interceptor, Jensen-Healey, CV-8, 541, etc.NEW! Judson: Covers all uses of Judson superchargers Land Rovers: For those interested in Land Rovers of all types (Also see Rover Cars list) Lotus Cars: Covers all Lotus models Mini's or Mini-Digest: Austin Mini's Morris Mini's, Mini Coopers, Mini Mokes, Rover Mini's (And BMW Mini's?) MG's or MG's Digest: Covers all types of MG's MG MMM: Covers Prewar "MMM" MG's - Midget, Magna, and Magnette MG T: Covers T-Series MG's - TA, TB, TC, TD, TF, YT, etc. MGB-V8: Covers MGB-V8's - factory, and homebuilt. Morgans: All Morgans- 3 & 4 wheelers. Morris: Mostly Minors, but all Morris cars welcome! Newsletter Editors: A list for editors of club newsletters to share info, articles, and whatever else. Reliant: RSSOM - Scimitar and Sabre Owners Mailing list Riley: Covers all Rileys Rover: Covers all types of Rover Automobiles (See also Land Rover) Rolls Bentley: Covers all Rolls Royce & Bentley Spridgets: Covers all Austin-Healey Sprites and MG Midgets- "Spridgets" NEW! Buick-Rover V8: Covers applications and modifications to the Buick derived 3.5 litre + engine used in Rovers, Triumph TR8, MGB V8, Morgan +8 and several other cars. NEW! Sunbeam/Alpines or Digest: Covers Sunbeam Alpines, MK 1-5, and all other postwar 4-cylinder Rootes Group cars. Sunbeam Tigers or Digest "Those Alpines with the Ford V8" Triumphs or Triumph Digest: Covers all Triumph models Triumph Spitfire: Covers Triumph Spitfires and derivitives Triumph Stag: The first V8 Triumph Triumph TR7/V8: for TR7, TR8, and related cars (Some Rover V8 discussion)  Vauxhall-Bedford: all post should go to -->> Vintage Triumph Register (VTR): For members of the VTR TVR: Covers all TVR models- now automated!
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