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The Team.Net Automotive file and Web servers, and how to get there:

There are several automotive mailing lists file archives hosted by Autox.Team.Net. The archives contain lots of technical and other automotive information, pictures, etc., as well as some list digests since 1991.

The file server is a machine where various archives and articles of interest are stored. You may get files via both "anonymous FTP", and by using a World Wide Web (WWW) client.

Mailing lists: Team.Net's lists are run by majordomo, an automatic mail server. To get information about subscribing to a mailing list, check out the Team.Net Mail List Page

How to get stuff:

Archive Contents

Uploading to Team.Net

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If your machine has an internet connection, and runs the file transfer program FTP, you've got what you need. Read your local manual/help on using FTP.

  • Most Web browsers now support one way FTP, which is good for getting files only.
  • Many internet access packages now include point and click FTP programs, which makes access much easier than basic command line mode. Consult your program manual or help for details.
    1. Command Line FTP access

    2. Run FTP on your local machine, opening a connection to
    3. (IP address =
    4. Connect as user "anonymous" or "ftp", and use your email address as the password.
    5. You will be in the ftp directory (/) You will have several directories to chose from. (see below).
    6. You may list the files using FTP's dir or ls commands.
    7. Set the file type to binary, using the binary or image command if you're going to get something other than plain text files. (Like GIF's, or programs)
    8. Use get or mget to one or multiple files.
    9. Exit with the bye or quit command when done.

    B) WWW

    Team.Net hosts a WWW (World Wide Web) server, which has many links to the anonymous FTP archives on

    The URL to the Team.Net Home Page is:

    The British cars pages start at:

    There is a full index of Team.Net web servers at:

    WWW clients:

    If you aren't familiar with WWW, it is pretty darn keen, with links to graphics viewers and sound. There are several shareware and commercial Web clinets available, such as Mosaic, Cello, NetScape, etc.

    The popular Netscape Navigator is available from:

    There several Windows clients available at:, and other Windows software sources.

    There are Mosaic clients available for Mac, PC, and Unix at: in /Web/Mosaic/

    C) WAIS (Currently Unavailable on Team.Net)

    D) E-Mail file server (British-cars list only)

    Can't run FTP? If you can send and receive mail, you may also retreive archives via an E-Mail server run by TJ Higgins. There are currently many more seperate articles in the misc directory of this server than in /sol on Team.Net.. To get instructions, send E-mail to:

    with the command


    as the body of the message. (Don't forget the / ) The server will then send you the help file with further instructions. (To your From: or Reply-To: address).

    The SOL files are in the drectory pub2/sol/misc, pub2/sol/pic, and pub2/sol/digest.

    Team.Net Archive Contents

    Note: Some files contain "ASCII Graphics", which must be viewed or printed with a fixed font (such as courier) to appear correctly.

    Highlights of what is available

    (this is not a full index):

    Directories of general interest on Team.Net: Mailing list archives & pictures


    xxx/Images - Pictures Directories -Various pictures of "our cars"

    xxx/Digests -Archives of list mail (directory)


    Uploading files to the FTP server:

    Want to help out?

    These forums are publicly available, and not-for-profit. A "share-web", if you will. If you find these lists, or the Team.Net Automotive Archives server useful, we request that you send a $5-10 donation to help support the host computer and hard drive(s). So, if you'd like to contribute to this fund, send in a check, made out to "Fat Chance Garage" to this address:

    Fat Chance Garage
    PO Box 58333
    Salt Lake City, UT 84158

    Read about the British Cars Archives

    If you have any trouble with this server, email with a description of the problem.

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