Bob Haskell

photo of how well I fit in a Healey

Now Steve, you're sure this is a Big Healey?

I'm the bearded one with the rally hair style. Thankfully, the windshield is high enough so I don't get bugs in my teeth.

In addition to maintaining the SOL Healey web pages, I'm suppose to be restoring a '60 3000 BT7. Computers are nice, but Healeys are better. So why am I playing on the computer instead of working on the car?

To Get in Touch

My e-mail address is: r c haskell at earthlink dot net.

Club Affiliations

A not so random thought

Sure, you've got the right to drive 55 mph in the left hand lane, but you also have the responsibility to keep right except to pass.

Please send comments, additions, and errors for the SOL Healey web pages to Bob Haskell. ( looks like a circular link, or is it recursive....)

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